September 21


Who needs drama??

By Prisqua

September 21, 2008

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Forget about the Bold and the Beautiful.… the Young and the Restless…. Days of Our Lives….. and welcome to Plurk… the one place where you can actually BE the drama! 

I love Plurk but I have to laugh sometimes at what is going on on Plurk…  Mind you I had my ups and downs on there too…. and I was not laughing…  and yes we are on the Internet…. THE place where you can be anyone (or anything…) you want basically…  So we all know or we are all supposed to know to be careful and mindful out there…

I was quite amazed when I was told that some people do not think I am who I say I am: Prisqua! LOL!  
Listen to the theory:  I am lying about where I live (Australia) because I am supposedly married to another Plurker (who lives in the USA) even though some of those people came to realisation that maybe I was who I say I am because they saw my children on and thought they did not look like the “supposedly” father…. lol  and personally I don’t think his son looks anything like me which is probably due to the fact that he had him with another woman…. his real life ex-wife…. lol

I mean: how do people come up with this stuff?  Why would you even think about it?  Or is it just me who just talk to people without thinking they might not be who/what they say they are?  Though I will do a bit of
research when needed….  Don’t just settle for a pretty face or/and a nice title…

I am not a big fan of TV but I thought there was enough shows out there to entertain any kind of people instead of speculating on others and whether I am for real or not??  It is not like I am hiding… I use my real name… pictures… videos… and I am happy to chat on Skype whenever…

Then you have the people that do take Plurk way too seriously and end up getting hurt and become bitter and hateful about it and do all sorts of crazy things to get back at people…  which I can understand to a certain extent…. nobody likes to get hurt and be deceived by anyone… and it is also sad to watch it unfold…

It is now my wonder what do people expect from joining a social site… or is it that they have too many expectations…  would love to hear some insights… Please comment on why do you join social sites?

But it is not like this is only happening on Plurk so I was told… I can only talk about Plurk because this is the site I am very involved with at the moment…

Drama is part of  life, online and offline… there will always be backstabbers, 2-faced bitches, liars, assholes, jerks….  so why take it too seriously?  Why not just enjoy the ride?  If you meet good friends like I did, well it is good… but I also met plenty of the bad seed…..  nothing I can do about that but move on and laugh!


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Coffee in the mornings is a must! I hunt and shoot aliens as therapy a few hours every day. Work sometimes demands that I tweet, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I never leave home without my 5 inch stilettos, iPhone and of course a possible good story.

  • Why did you join social sites? Hmm, that’s a good question. Never really thought of it, it’s just something you kind a automatically end up doing when you blog I’m afraid.

    There are always people asking or inviting you to join their social network, or you have the Blog guru’s telling you that you should join those sites.

    So in the first place I joined them out of curiosity. I certainly didn’t expect to meet existing friends there, since most of my real life friends can barely switch on a pc.

    But I hope I can say I found some true friends there by now, although I’ve never met them face to face. Not too many of course. More than 80 percent will never go beyond the ‘an acquaintance’ stage, but some are always eager to say hi, wish you well in troublesome days and help when asked for advice. And that’s what true freinds do I guess.


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