August 25


Women Or Money?

By tysonb

August 25, 2010

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Recently I was with some friends and we were listening to a song by Rich Boy and featuring both Lil Wayne and Nas. In the song, Nas states “you lose money chasing women but never lose women chasing money“. Naturally, given the nature of my friends we began a friendly debate on the validity of this statement and overall which one is more important-women or money.

One of my friends has always been somewhat of a ladies man and through the course of his dating career has developed an ability that I see as immature and uncharacteristic of what I consider to be a man. Simply put, women love to buy this guy things. Every time I see him, he is wearing a new pair of $100 shoes, a new $300 leather jacket or sporting a pocket full of money that some obviously dazed and confused woman gladly handed him. Naturally he sees nothing wrong with accepting these “gifts” from women as the way he looks at it “if they are willing to offer, how could I refuse?”

I’m sure whether you are a man or women, you know someone like this and you have probably dated a man or woman like this. Unfortunately due to societal definitions we look down on this type of woman as a gold digger but praise this type of man as a pimp. In my opinion, both are equally poor excuses for human beings as no one should take advantage of another person’s insecurities for their own gain. Nonetheless, my friend was hell bent on debating that the pursuit of women is more important as it will procure a man both money and women.

Another one of my friends has a thought process similar to mine and we both agree that my other friend is completely wrong from a moral standpoint although potentially right from a logical standpoint where morality is excluded. Personally, I was raised by my grandfather to not accept things from women as a man is fully capable of providing for himself. I’ve followed his advice throughout my life and must say that it has definitely worked out for me. Unlike my friends, I provide everything for myself and rely on a woman for nothing more than companionship and because of this I never have to hear my significant other say “get out of my house”, “That’s my car you are driving”, or “I paid for that”.

Because of this, I feel as if the pursuit of money is more important than the pursuit of women because money naturally begets women. Best believe that if I came to a hypothetical fork in the road and one path had a $100 bill on it and the other had a beautiful woman… Mr. Franklin is going straight in my pocket because that beautiful woman will notice me picking up that $100 and bam-now I have both. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all women are gold diggers but what I am saying is that women just like men are drawn to money but for good reason. Money brings comfort and security so a woman is more likely to seek out a man who can help provide both of those things and a good woman will already have those and thus seek out a man who has the same and won’t need her money to acquire them.

Women or MoneyIf you chase women for companionship without attempting to use them for their money, you will end up shelling out a lot more money than you will make and thus the old adage of “you lose money chasing women but never lose women chasing money” is completely true. Hey, things become sayings for a reason lol. On the flip side though I feel as if in the end the adage is in fact true but a woman is more important than money when they are looked at without the strings that come attached. You cannot make a $5 bill give you a child, rub your back or keep you company. Money cannot support you in trying times or tell you that it loves you.

So with that being said, it is more important to chase money than to chase women but do so with the end result of using that pursuit of money to acquire a good woman because if you find a woman and have no money-you’ll end up with neither.

By Tyson

Women Or The Money?

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  • I would say money. With money always comes a woman or man in that case. Besides they say money can’t buy love, but it does a prtty good job at coming close lol 🙂

  • That line from the Lil Wayne and Nas song was actually used in the movie called “I think I love my wife” with Chris Rock as well. I’ve heard it a few times in my life. Funny because I’m working on the post that talks about this line a bit as well.

    To me there’s two ways to read that line, the 1st is obviously the literal term. The 2nd (the one I like) is more about, having a career that you truly enjoy in life and stick with that carer as appose to running off to the side to do something in else just to chase a skirt. Women tend to love a man 10x more who has passion for something SOCIAL, it’s not soo much the money.

    Very nice blog btw.

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