August 16


If men are the surfers, then women are the water

By tysonb

August 16, 2010

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If men are the surfers, then women are the waterSo I was chatting with Prisqua the other day about men, women, and relationships and somehow we came upon an excellent analogy to describe what it is like for a man dating a woman. Countless analogies on the topic have been presented before but I don’t think anyone has compared the experience with this before. So you are probably wondering what the heck the analogy is right? Well…Surfs up Dude! That’s right, I’ve come to the conclusion that dating a women is pretty much in tune with the sport of surfing…and here is why…

Everyone has seen a surfer riding their surf board on the quickly altering water before right? They stand on those surf boards with perfect balance and perfectly in synch and in tune with the water. The way a surfer has to alter their stance, actions, and intended route are all dependent not necessarily on them…but on the water. Now this is very true with women as well. Let’s face it, no matter how much a man proclaims he “wears the pants”, “puts his foot down” or “brings home the bacon”, we all know that at the end of the day if a woman isn’t happy, neither is the man. If men are the surfers-then women are the water.

We have to alter our stance dependent upon the decision the woman has made generally. For instance, when you have kids you might want to be an authoritarian but let your little child ask you something and get a quick no and then go ask mommy and get a yes…9 times out of 10 the end result will be you changing you answer to a yes. We have to continually test the waters and check for changing moods, attitudes, or feelings on issues in order to keep from falling off our boards or in this sense our relationships.

In the bedroom this is true as well as when the women is on top she is deciding how things go down and we have to keep in tune with her motions and speed. Another way in which dating women is similar to surfing can be found in the bedroom as well. All of those waxes and lotions and massage oils we lather up and spread all over a women’s body is just like a surfer and his board. If a surfer doesn’t wax his board just right its going to be a quick and miserable ride…just as is true with a women. If you don’t get it right from the beginning, be prepared to fall of the love board and right into the very edge of the bed with a frown on your face.

Both surfers and men love their wetness-in more ways than one. The wetter the better right? Of course! Whether you are a surfer or a man, there is no feeling better than entering that uber wet crest and being doused with natural juices while becoming one with your board and allowing the wave to take you where it pleases. But if you aren’t careful you can drown in that wave as well which is why you can’t be set on auto pilot. You need to be in tune with the wave just like you have to be in tune with your woman. React to their motions, their changes, and their direction.

Just as is true with surfing boards-women come in all shapes and sizes. Any good surfer will inform you that your choice in a board is one of the most important decisions to make in surfing and an experienced man will tell you the same about a women. You gotta find one that is just the right height and width with the perfect amount of curves or lack thereof. The more you love your board-the better you will be while riding it!

In essence, your girl is just like your surf board, your relationship is just like the ocean, and your experiences in the relationship are just like the waves. The more practice you get on your board or your girl…the better you will be at it. The more in tune you are with the motion in the ocean, the better you will be at staying on your board for extended periods of time and the more attention you pay to upkeep in terms of the board, the better it will react to you and for you and the more success you will have at the end of the day.

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  • So very true! Love the article. If the woman is not happy then no way the man can be happy. Why is that you reckon? hmmm

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