Dragged Back to Blogging!

Well, believe it or not it is already February 2013! One whole month already gone, wow, time just flies when you are having fun… but am I having fun really?

2012 was hard to swallow…

End of year for me was dramatic. Now that I think about it, I guess the whole year was a bit dramatic. One minute I was a receptionist in a hotel in London and was dating this guy; the next minute, I was jobless (I quit) and out of the blue the guy I was dating ended up behind bars. I was just like: WTF?! I was literally in the street in the middle of London with a suitcase because we were supposed to go to Manchester when I got the text saying that it would not happen. Within 24 hours I was all packed and on my way back to Australia! As my good friend Strawberry – oops sorry I meant Andy said: ‘Pris, you never have a dull moment in your life!’


Interrupted Conversations with my Inner Me.

It’s been a long time since my last entrance. Now I am back home on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, and since my daughter asked me if I was going to go through a mid-life crisis I decided maybe this time it was time to sit down and reflect on my life so far to be able to answer a more important question –well, important enough to me at least: What next?

After having to leave London in a hurry –and in case you are wondering, no, I did not kill anyone and did not do anything illegal- and with the Qantas saga I was left broke -as per usual Inner Me begun whispering… Shut up Inner Me, I will get everything under control as I always do!