Teenagers, Tired Of Being Harassed By Your Stupid Parents?

“Don’t tell me what I can do!”, “Hey, this is my room, go away!”, “What do you care?”, “Since when do I have to listen to your opinions?”, “You don’t understand me, no one does!”, “Why can’t I go? All my friends will be there!”, “I don’t want kids to see me with you, it’s too embarrassing!”, “I don’t have to listen to all this crap!”.

Teenagers aren’t easy, are they? They can really give us a hard time. But we have to remember that neither are us, grownups, from their point of view. Think about it for a second. How was it when you –yes, you who are reading this- were a fifteen year old boy or girl? I’m sure you felt you knew how everything really was, no matter how different the world may seem now.

The thing with teenagers is that they have reached the height of an adult (with their hormones going crazy and stuff), but they behave like young children sometimes… they believe themselves to be complete, while they still have so much to learn.